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Club's Public Files

Member Documents

  • Member's Handbook
    Handbook for all full members of the society.
  • Associate Member's Handbook
    Associate members can participate in special events and be covered by our insurance. They cannot participate in any regular events.
    It's a way of welcoming members of other clubs we meet during special events.
  • Creating Guilds and Orders
    Noble Orders and trade Guilds are historical institutions which played a major role in people's lives. We want to incorporate these important institutions into our society.
    • Wanna join a trade guild? No problem. Just talk to our Guild Master.
    • Wanna create a new guild? Then read this document.
    • We have an Order of Merit, and a Chivalric Order. This document explains how members are inducted.

Combat Documents

Club Library

  • LibraryThing
    Online list of medieval books available for borrowing from the club and its members.
    IMPORTANT: You can change the collection displayed in the top-left so you know who to ask for a book you want to borrow. The GniviL collection is available from the cellarer (Deborah).